Home for Exchange FAQs

How do I contact other members?

To contact another member simply visit their home listing and click Contact member located on the right of the page.

Once clicked, you can Propose exchange dates or choose I don’t have specific dates in mind.

Write a personal message to the other member to let them know you are interested and start the discussion.


What happens when I send a message?

After you start a discussion, your personal message will be sent to the other member’s Inbox.

If you are in discussion with another member, this will be noted on their listing as In progress.

From here you can View the discussion or Start a new discussion for another exchange.


Do I have to send an exchange request for specific dates?

You do not have to specify dates when requesting an exchange.

Just leave I don’t have specific dates ticked when starting the discussion.


How can I see my messages?

To see your messages, just click the speech bubble in the top right of the page.

This will take you to your Inbox, where you can see your current exchange conversations, sent requests, received requests, booked exchanges and deleted messages.


How do I delete a conversation?

To delete a conversation you must first Decline the exchange. When doing so, you will have the option to Delete this conversation after declining.

If the exchange has already been agreed, you will not be able to delete the conversation until after the exchange has begun. After the first day of the exchange you will have the option to Delete in the conversation.