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Home exchange on the rise

Blogger.com, EN - Aug 04, 2009

Christine Osborne is not only a member of HomeForExchange.com (ID=29748) but she is a journalist as well. In fact she calls herself an 'independent world traveller and photographer, author, connoiseur or eastern cuisines, French speaker.' On her blog 'Travels with my hat' she wrote this article based on an interview with Ans Lammers and her own home exchange experiences.

Home Exchange Trading (Vacation) Places

Time Magazine, US - Aug 03, 2009

We were very delighted that a prestigeous magazine as Time Magazine was writing about home exchange and of course we were more than willing to cooperate. We have been interviewed extensively and we believe their article gives a good impression about the home exchange phenomenon and market.

Trip to Saint-Raphael

Blogger.com, US - Jul 27, 2009

When our member Deborah Toppan from Weston, MA USA (ID=9073) sent out five inquiries one night in early April, who would have imagined the serendity of the eventual swap arranged with Elisabeth Baugier from Saint-Raphael, Var/France (ID=29281)! In an interesting turn of events, their swap goes beyond “6 Degrees of Separation”! Deborah’s blog http://triptosaint-raphael.blogspot.com/ shows you their swap connected far more than these two travelers!

Canada-Britain house swap gives close-up view of life in southeast England

The Canadian Press, CA - Jul 14, 2009

Paul Woods from Burlington (Ontario/Canada) has written an article about home exchange for The Canadian Press. Paul and his wife Loraine (ID=20315) have exchanged homes through HomeForExchange.com with Alan and Viola Snell (ID=6617) from Burgess Hill (West Sussex/England). This article tells the whole story including some general hints and tips about home exchange.

Holiday in luxury for £39.50 !

News of the world, EN - May 17, 2009

Jess Spiring - well known journalist of the British Sunday paper 'News of the world' has interviewed us a while ago about luxury exchanges. She has written a fantastic article about based on this interview including many photos of listings of our members. Introduction of the article [quote]:

"Desparate for a luxury holiday, but stuck on a budget? It's time to get home swapping! For a small registration fee - from a bargainous £14.95 - you can join a website and swap your humble semi for a Sydney loft apartment or Chamonix chalet. Not only will you arrive to a fully stocked fridge, but you can also drive whatever car's in the garage (Porsche, please!).

"Changing Lives" by Dorothy Drane

My Property Review, AU - Apr 17, 2009

'My Property Review' is a weekly publication about real estate in the Sunshine Coast area and Dorothy Drane has written 2 articles about a home exchange between members of HomeForExchange.com: Ria and René Nossin from Nijverdal (Netherlands, ID=20490) and Roslyn and Russell Searles from Buderim (Australia, ID=23888). Read the full story about their home exchange through this link.

Swapping My House for Yours

AARP.org, US - Apr 01, 2009

Claudia Ferestieri of AARP Magazine has interviewed Ans Lammers for her article about home exchange. Read the full story online which has been published in Spring 2009 in their prestigious magazine.

About AARP.org
Founded in 1958, AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization that helps people 50 and over improve the quality of their lives. AARP has grown to 40 million members and has offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. As the nation's largest membership organization for people 50+, AARP is leading a revolution in the way people view and live life after 50.

Radio interview with your member Mark Bridges

CBC New Brunswick, CA - Mar 04, 2009

Our member Mark Bridges from Shediac NB (ID=13042) has been interviewed by CBC New Brunswick's radio station. In summary, he was interviewed as a local home exchanger from the greater Moncton area of New Brunswick. Following his successful first yacht for condo exchange he decided to join HomeForExchange.com, and listed his home. To hear the full interview click on the above link.

"HomeForExchange.com is one of the market leaders", says John Mensinger

Blog, US - Feb 06, 2009

John Mensinger is the writer of the book "Guide to trading your home", which can be ordered online (click here to order his book through Amazon.com). Mensinger is a widely respected expert ('guru' as he calls himself) on home exchange related subjects.

Mensinger has recently visited HomeForExchange.com and was very possitively surprised by the recent improvements on our website. On his blog Mensinger writes [quote]: "HomeForExchange.com is one of the market leaders, and with these improvements is a great value at $40/per year for 18 months."

Mijn huis is jouw huis

Parool, NL - Jan 08, 2009

Marketing manager and co-owner of HomeForExchange.com Mark Wiersma has been interviewed by reporter Peter van Brummelen of the daily newspaper 'Het Parool' about home exchange. In this full page coverage Mark is being quoted on many different aspects of home exchange. The article is written in Dutch but using Google's translator you can read it in your own language.

HomeForExchange.com - Vacation House Swapping

Killerstartups.com, US - Apr 20, 2008

Killerstartups.com recognizes business trends and potential successful businesses. Part of their review [quote]:

"Why it might be a killer?
Home Exchange is getting increasingly more popular. This site has a wide selection of listings from all over the world and the listing prices aren’t too steep. Properties are easy to find and each listing comes with thorough descriptions and pictures."

Home away from home

Sydney Herald, AU - Mar 09, 2008

This article about home exchange has been written by Richard Tulloch, an author of children’s books, TV series and movie scenarios. Mr. Tulloch did an exchange with Pierre and Evelyn Briand and writes about this exchange in his article. Pierre and Evelyn Briand are listed as member on HomeForExchange.com (ID=12831).


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