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Photo Travel for less? Try Home Exchanging

Empowernetwork.com, US - Aug 23, 2012

Bob Grytten is a valued member of our website and actively spreading the news about home exchange as well. On his blog he wrote a clear article about the advantages and joy home exchange can bring you (direct link to Bob's listing on our website: www.HomeForExchange.com/27239).

First part of his article on Empowernetwork.com:

"Like to travel? Looking for a way to cut the costs; but, still enjoy those exotic locations? We may have part of the solution.

We’ve traveled to Italy, Greece, Norway, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, and even Florida for a couple of weeks over Christmas. France, Ireland, and Florida came because we hosted travelers from those countries in our own home – and we stayed in theirs. HomesForExchange provides listings of thousands of people who have discovered this unique way to cut housing, car and even food costs for the traveler. But, it’s more that that, in our experience – it’s like a fraternity of people to people cultural exchange. The most often question asked us by others is about safety of our home. Actually, they are granting us the use of theirs at the same time. It’s like a mutual trust and confidence. Not one’s thing? I can understand that, but for us it’s an exciting way to travel, and their are documents that the parties can sign outlining the arrangement on the Exchange site."

Click on the headline to read the full article on Bob's blog.


Smart Consumer: Three weeks in Barcelona for free? The joy of house swapping!

Independent.ie, IE - Jun 07, 2012

Good article by John Hearne of the Independent. Focuses on the savings home exchange offers you. In this time of recession home exchange is still the cheapest way of travelling as accommodation costs are zero.

Home exchange - cut the cost of your holiday

Guardian, EN - Aug 26, 2011

"After swapping his house in London, Patrick Collinson found himself staying in a brownstone villa in Illinois's answer to Islington."

Journalist Patrick Collinson experienced home exchange with his family and like many he seems to be addicted to it.

Another quote from his article:

"If you're looking for an overseas exchange, pick the website that offers the largest number of listings in the country you wish to visit, and the fewest number in the UK (assuming you live there). This dramatically improves your chances of finding a swap. For example, HomeForExchange.com, probably the best value (it charges £37 a year), has more than 2,000 properties listed in the US and 800 in Canada. There are 740 in England."


Home exchange: tourism for those who want to spend little...

Epoca, BR - Aug 08, 2011

Home exchange is gaining popularity in Brazil and the Época magazine has written an article about it.
We have been contacted by the writer of this article (Lucas Hackradt) and contributed to this article by getting him in touch with some of our members.
First lines of this article: "Little known in Brazil, 'home swapping' or 'home exchange', is a type of tourism where you leave your home to a complete stranger while staying at their house. It is safe, comfortable and most of all... it's cheap....".

Shoestring Living: Make frugal travel work for you

Beauregard Daily News, US - Jul 18, 2011

This article contains some hints of cutting your holiday budget and home exchange is one of them. It shows again that there is a vast number of people who are not familiar with home exchange.

First lines:

"Now that summer is in full swing, so is summer travel. This season inevitably brings along an itch to break from the routine, get out of Dodge and see a bit of something new. For those living on a shoestring, doing so poses a significant challenge. Read on for some frugal ways to save on travel-related expenses, wherever you travel this year."


Downsizing: "Do you have anything smaller?"

Independent on Sunday, EN - Jun 03, 2011

This article is not primarily about home swapping, but about downsizing to another home once your children are grown up and living on their own. Downsizing to a smaller dwelling can reduce the costs of living significantly. As one of the hints for people who have not yet downsized to a smaller property the writer of this article mentions 'house swapping' instead of staying in hotels when you go on holiday.
HomeForExchange.com is one of the recommended websites.

My home is your castle

Welt Online, DE - May 29, 2011

Germans are not really in to 'home exchange', so we are always happy when the media addresses this subject. Journalist Thomas Heuzeroth of Welt Online has written a perfect article which may get a few more Germans enter the wonderful world of home exchange. The title of the article is very creative, never thought of this myself.

"Biete Viersen, suche Venezuela: Haustauschportale für den Urlaub werden immer populärer. Dabei lässt sich nicht nur Geld für die Ferienunterkunft sparen - Touristen kommen so auch der Kultur ihres Urlaubslandes am nächsten. Aber es gibt Fallstricke."

Read the full article including which includes interviews with Ans Lammers and an overview of the history of home exchange. Our rating: good article!


Beat the school holiday price hikes

Daily Mirror Travel, EN - Apr 19, 2011

"As soon as the school term ends, the price of family getaways soar by an average of £500, according to a recent survey. But don’t despair. Even with airlines and holidays firms inflating costs, there are plenty of ways to get around the Easter break mark-ups. Here’s how:...".

Read the full article of Tanith Carey in which she also recommends home exchange as a way to cut your holiday spendings.


Tobago: for a Caribbean holiday on a budget try swapping your house

The Telegraph, EN - Mar 07, 2011

Ginetta Vedrickas (ID=17733) is a well known international journalist working for newspapers like The Telegraph and has written about home exchange already a number of times. We are very happy with this as there are still many people who have never heard about home exchange at all and considered it as an alternative for renting holiday accommodation.
"Swapping houses is a great way to save money on your Caribbean holiday and get the inside track on your destination", says Ginetta Vedrickas.

Feeling right at home when trading places

Perth Now, AU - Dec 14, 2010

This home exchange article is partly about Seleena Semos, member of HomeForExchange.com for already a number of years (direct link to her listing: ID=27957).


House swap. Great way to travel... saves a bundle.

The Sunday Times, AU - Nov 14, 2010

By Barbara Bode:
That’s what a friend wrote when I mentioned home exchanges. Another friend whose life is ruled by pets, wrote, “Before we had our pets, we listed our home and did a successful exchange with an British couple – they stayed in our home in Maryland, while we stayed in their home in southern Spain. Worked out very well.” One of my most cautious and serious friends e-mailed, “I have arranged a couple of successful swaps through a membership organisation. Somehow I feel more secure using a system that has been set up already, and members have to pay a fee so you can assume they are at least halfway serious.” Recently a number of bright blue and white adverts proclaiming ‘Cut your holiday budget in half!’ embellished online news services. These are all promoting a project called ‘Homeforexchange.com’. Launched in 2005 by a Dutch couple, Ans Lammers and her partner Mark Wiersma, a technology genius, they were spurred into developing it not because the exchange idea was so new but because the quality of other home exchange websites was so poor. Many still are confusing or just too long. Skimming through more than a dozen such sites, I found that a few have learned and produce clearer information, briefer directions and forms that are easier to use. HomeForExchange.com still leads, with clear, speedy communications. For novices like myself, there are several helpful sites in addition to the information available from Homeforexchange.com. One is ‘La Vida Local: How to arrange a home swap’ (www.lavidalocal.com/howto/homeswap .htm).

[editors note: unfortunately there is no online version of this article and we are not allowed to publish the complete article]

What happens when your house swap exchange partners pull out?

Organikal, SU - Jul 26, 2010

Another useful article of Julie Gibbons (ID=22403), read it! And my advise for all your home exchanges is: use our online home exchange contract. It proves that most problems with home exchange are being caused by either miscommunication or misinterpretation. Our home exchange contract can prevent this as it states clearly what has been agreed upon. Besides this you can purchase an insurance for a small amount to protect you from this.

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