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Home Exchange

Life & Travel, IE - Feb 19, 2015

Mary Wilson of the online magazine Life & Travel wrote an interesting article about home exchange and has interviewed one of our members for Ireland about their home exchange experiences. Click on the link and go to page 24 to read the full article.

Home Away From Home

Markets Media, US - Dec 26, 2014

May Zhee Lim - correspondent for Markets Media Life - interviewed Ans Lammers about home exchange in general and in particular HomeForExchange.com.


"Fancy staying in a spacious home in the Irish countryside with stunning mountain scenery and not having to pay a dime for it? If this sounds like your idea of a perfect vacation, you’ll like what you find on HomeForExchange.com, a community of home swappers. Ans Lammers, co-founder of the website, talks to us about what exchanging your home with another person or family involves, and its numerous benefits for vacationers."

Click on the above link to read the article.

Bienvenido a mi casa

El Pais, ES - May 16, 2014

Patricia Sosálvez Reyes is a member of our website as well as a reporter of El Pais. She has written an article about home exchange in general, and interviewed us for her article. Home exchange is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, which we welcome as many people would like to exchange to this beautiful and diverse country.

Quer viajar e se hospedar quase de graça nestas férias? É só oferecer sua casa em troca.

Globo.com, BR - Jan 13, 2014

We are very pleased to see that a major media in Brazil has published an article about home exchange. Home exchange has not really picked up much popularity so far, so we hope this will contribute to this.

Intercâmbio de residências é uma opção para quem deseja conhecer novos lugares, sem gastar muito, e topa disponibilizar seu imóvel para estranhos enquanto estiver fora....

(click on the title of this article to read more)


Press release: new book about home exchange

HomeForExchange, ES - Dec 28, 2013

December 28, 2013


Imagine this: You are a family of four or five who would love to travel the world, but have not seriously considered it knowing the cost is prohibitive. Despite that, you would love to introduce your children to other cultures and awaken your senses with deep cultural experiences, and at the same time share unsurpassed quality time and create rich family memories.
Enter Kerry Ascione, who is about to launch a guidebook called Have Home, Will Travel. It will mark the introduction of the first guidebook on international home exchange written especially for family travelers looking for a way to afford and experience cultural travel.
Ascione writes about her experience with home exchange and lays out absolutely everything a family could need to know in order to trust, plan, and ultimately complete their very first international home exchange and cultural adventure.
Ascione states that after one brief and unsuccessful attempt on a free home exchange website, she paid a small fee to join the Home For Exchange website, which is owned and operated by Ans Lammers. Ascione has been so successful and pleased with Home For Exchange that she has used it exclusively for the past six years.
“I have used www.homeforexchange.com to arrange all five of my family’s home exchanges over the past six years, and the experience has been overwhelmingly wonderful every time. We have exchanged in four countries and have been privileged to live like locals for a total of 15 weeks, in five lovely homes. Each of these homes have been charming, with their own special ambience and family friendly amenities. I can’t say enough good things about our international home exchange experiences and more importantly, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about any of them.


Trading homes for an affordable stay in Paris

Los Angeles Times, US - Nov 10, 2013

First lines of this article of Brady Macdonald of the Los Angeles Times:

"It was the little matter of finding a place to stay that kept an international vacation off our radar, especially in wake of a recession that had put a king-size crimp in our international travel plans. As we discussed a European getaway, we realized that a hotel stay for my wife, Nancy, our daughter, Hannah, and me would cost us as much as our airline tickets."

Brady has used our website to arrange this exchange.


Razmjena domova za odmor: novi svjetski trend

Sensa, HR - Jun 17, 2013

HomeForExchange topic has found its way to the Croatian readers again, this time through an article published in the Croatian healthy lifestyle magazine Sensa. It has been promoted as a great way to get to know the local community, meet new friends and cut your travel costs.

Home exchange - the only way to travel

Retiremove, EN - Apr 03, 2013

Ginetta Vedrickas continues to write about home exchange. This time for the website 'Retiremove.co.uk'.

Read the personal story of Ginetta who has done her first exchange 15 years ago...

Swapping: the newest trend for vacationers

Sunstone Online, US - Jan 23, 2013

First few lines of this article..: "Many families would claim that travel is an essential part of their lives. It’s educational, enjoyable, and provides a wonderful change of pace for adults and children alike.
However, in recent years, many have been forced to give up on luxuries- including vacations. Still, there is an affordable option that many have adopted: swapping!".

FOTO Stan od uspomena - put oko svijeta u 90m2

Dom & vrt, HR - Nov 22, 2012

Ivana and Ksandro Kovacic are a Croatian couple who manage InZagreb apartments, a family run short term rental company in Zagreb. They've been in this business for 7 years and have recently discovered HomeForExchange.com as a great way of travel and opportunity to meet people with similar interests. Since they love to travel and also own three of the apartments they rent in Zagreb, the idea of swapping homes came naturally. Only in one year, they have already exchanged in London, Paris, Southampton and few coastal towns in Croatia. They travel often as a family and have talked about their travel experience and HomeForExchange.com website for the main Croatian Daily Paper, Vecernji list.

Urlaub im fremden Zuhause

Weltfälische Nachrichten, DE - Nov 17, 2012

Home exchange is not very popular in Germany. Very strange because Germany counts more people than for instance France. In France we have about 4,000 active members and in Germany just 245! We cannot find an explanation for this, but we are very happy that the media is writing about home exchange. If you are student studying social demographics, it would be a nice idea to investigate why Germans are not into home exchange.

Visit cities for free, new books.

Lydie Thomas, US - Sep 25, 2012

Lydie Thomas is the author of 'Your Guide to Visit Paris for Free' (www.visitparisforfree.com) and 'Your Guide to Visit San Francisco for Free' (www.visitsanfranciscoforfree.com). French born and raised, she now lives in Northern California with her husband and her two daughters. They all spend their summer in France to visit family and friends, and working on her travel books.

Lydie mentions HomeForExchange.com in her books as well. Here is short paragraph from her book:

"Yes, you can visit cities around the world rent-free. Just exchange your home with a local family. Once you start, there is no coming back to hotels and rentals! Register on a home exchange website like Home For Exchange (www.homeforexchange.com), pay a membership fee (roughly the price of one night in a hotel), list your home, and start researching and contacting people. Our family has been doing it successfully for years."

You can order books of Lydie Thomas online through Amazon. We believe she is contributing to the awareness of home exchange in general and we recommend reading her books.

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